The Australian Exhibitions and Publications Co-operative Ltd is a not for profit co-operative with the aim to promote, further and foster the interest in hobbies. The primary activities being the administration, operation and/or running of exhibitions and the publication of books, magazines or newsletters.

To promote and foster the interests of hobbyists in their chosen hobby.

To promote and foster model railway exhibitions whether those exhibitions be purely model railways or associated with other hobbies

To promote and foster communications among all hobbyists and this communication can be in the form of printed matter, electronic or by what ever is seen as suitable.

To promote an interest in hobbies and to run exhibitions for hobbies, publish books to engage in any form of communications that promote the interest in hobbies.

To publish any book or magazine that is considered by the Directors as desirable whether or not it is on the subject of hobbies.

The major directive or guideline of the co-operative is that all products promoted, advertised or seen to be associated with the AEP must be available to ALL bona fides retail stores (train, model, hobby or toys stores that are a registered business with a business premises and open regular trading hours to the public). Products within the co-operative cannot be exclusive, restricted, order only or direct selling only. All shops must be able to have access to, order, purchase or stock any product promoted or advertised within the activities of the AEP. If the general public can not access, order or view a product at their local hobby store the AEP feels that defeats the purpose of promotion.

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